“Living at PAL is one of the highest compliments you can give a performer”

– Ron James

Are You Eligible?

PAL Toronto’s mandate is to offer assistance to and create and encourage programs and services for older, disabled or needy members and associates of Canada’s professional performing arts community in the areas of health, well-being and affordable accommodation.

After convincing the City of Toronto to allow PAL Place to exclusively cater to those in the performing arts community, the age limitations were lifted. However, it is still required that applicants for residency must have devoted a substantial portion of their professional careers to the performing arts and associated crafts.

This includes, actors, clowns, costume designers, dancers, directors of photography, camera persons (but not still photographers), make-up artists, movie and theatre publicists, movie, theatre, television and radio technicians, musicians, performing arts administrators, production assistants, assistant directors and stage managers, scenic artists (but not fine artists or visual artists), set decorators and props persons, set and costume designers, singers, stage hands, gaffers and grips, theatre, film and television directors, writers for film, television, theatre and radio.

Application Steps

All applicants must fulfill the PAL Toronto mandate that is detailed on all application forms.

Please note that applicants can apply to Market Value, Rent Geared to Income, or both.

All applications should be submitted to:

PAL Toronto Building Manager

Email: bldgmgr_pal@rogers.com

Market Rent

Approximately one third of PAL Place’s 205 units are available at market rents based on guidelines provided by Toronto Social Housing Administration.

There are bachelor and one-bedroom suites. Although the few 2-bedrooms suites are only offered at market rent the current wait list is currently 10 years, and is effectively closed.

Rent Geared To Income

Approximately two-thirds of PAL Toronto’s bachelor and one-bedroom units are available at a rent-geared-to-income (RGI) formula, based on guidelines established by Housing Connections, a division of the Social Housing Administration of the City of Toronto.

If you are applying only to PAL please apply to

PAL Toronto Building Manager

Email: bldgmgr_pal@rogers.com

If your application is approved it will be forwarded to Housing Connections.

If you are applying to multiple buildings under this program you can apply directly to Housing Connections. Please note that your application to PAL will be referred back to PAL for approval.

Housing Connections

176 Elm Street

Toronto, ON M5T 3M4

(416) 981-6111

or www.housingconnections.ca

On the application, indicate that you wish to be put on the waiting list for PAL Place in Zone 8, Building 343.


For either type of accommodation applicants must show their eligibility by providing a resumé of their history in the performing arts and/or associated organizations with a complete list of professional performing arts organizations to which they belong or have belonged. They will be notified in writing when their application has been approved and added to the waiting list. When applicants are called, they must reply within three days or the next person on the list will be called.


It is impossible to tell you how long you will have to wait for an apartment after you have been approved. Typical wait times for a one-bedroom at market rent is 2-3 years and at rent geared to income 3-5 years.

There is a wait list for underground parking spots.