Alan Cohen tickling the ivories on “Louise”

“We’ve got friends all around us. What could be better than that?”

– Jack Duffy, Actor


While maintaining liaison with its parent body, now formally the PAL Canada Foundation, PAL Toronto has become its own entity. PAL Toronto and its volunteer Board of Directors operates the affairs at PAL Toronto with an added supportive housing service funded by The Ontario Ministry of Health and administered by the Dixon Hall Agency.

PAL Toronto offers a collegial environment with a wide range of services, accessible equally to all residents regardless of income or public prominence. Residency is not restricted to those needing subsidized housing. There are 205 units, in a variety of bachelor, one- and two-bedroom units.

Among its residents are actors, writers, musicians, technicians, producers, directors and designers from every branch of the arts professions. Some of the residents are pioneers of Canada’s cultural history, and are recipients of the Order of Canada, the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards and distinguished international, provincial and civic honours.

From the beginning, PAL Toronto has been about more than providing a home and care service for performers. An equal commitment is to nurture and preserve the ethos of ‘show business’ to sustain the activities, common history and familial ties which bond this unique community.

Life at PAL Toronto reflects this priority – from its theatre lounge, equipped with professionally-designed stage facilities hosting live performances by both residents and visiting artists, to the residents’ pub featuring cabaret performances, to the library stocked with popular reading and arts reference materials, to its exercise spaces, arts studio, hobby shop, roof terrace gardens – all these enterprises organized and manned by resident volunteers.

After fourteen years in operation, PAL Toronto is now losing the sick and most frail to nursing homes where they are cut off from their family of friends. PAL Toronto moves forward determined to raise funds to provide nursing, health care and food services to support these residents in order that they remain living independently in their homes.

Another plan in development by the board of directors, is the inclusion of an assisted living element – PAL FUTURE.

PAL Toronto looks to the future with continued commitment to truly “care for our own” and conduct broader activities lobbying for the arts politically as well as artistically.

“I have lived here for thirteen years, the longest time I have ever stayed in one place. What makes PAL permanent for me? The people – many are intelligent, funny, talkative and somewhat dramatic. I like that.”
Marguerite Andersen, Writer

The staff at PAL, who take care of the building and of the residents.  We are thankful for having such a dedicated team.

Robert Dizon,  Superintendent

Peter Marics, Superintendent

Olga Pankova, Building Sanitation

Leslie Wall, Building Manager

Edith Steiner, Office Administrator