Alex Samaras, Choirmaster, has always made it clear that everyone can sing! The voice is a muscle, after all, and there’s no question that we all sound better than when we first started. It’s a drop-in choir so if anyone wants to come and join us, they are more than welcome.

We meet on Monday afternoons from three to five, and have a break with tea, coffee and treats – a lot of which have been provided by choir member Lindy Kentish.

Resident, Bob Ashley, who is a a music director and composer in his own right, volunteers his time to accompany us on piano. We worked on one of Bob’s pieces, ‘Aimee’, which he originally premiered at the Charlottetown Festival in 1981.

The sense of community that comes from singing together has been a real boon and asset to PAL. Opened to PAL residents and members in good standing.